I stand with them.

When I registered to vote, I was so proud to mark myself as a member of the Republican Party. I was proud to carry my voter’s registration card in my wallet and I was proud to vote for George W. Bush. Both times. When I renewed my driver’s license, I decided to change my partyContinue reading “I stand with them.”

Q&A with Escaping the Cauldron author Kristine McGuire

How could a committed Christian be lured into the occult?  And is there escapes?  Only by God’s grace and restoration.  Kristine McGuire answers these questions and many more in her book, Escaping the Cauldron, which details her decline into witchcraft and her ascent back to a life with God.  Christian Speaker Services graciously provided thisContinue reading “Q&A with Escaping the Cauldron author Kristine McGuire”

Book Review:: Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner

Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner is the first truly excellent book I’ve read in months.  Well-written and chock full of humor, Hear No Evil is a musical memoir about Turner’s journey through fundamentalism, his appreciation for Amy Grant, and of course, the Christian music industry—and how all these things relate to his relationshipContinue reading “Book Review:: Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner”

WANTED:: Reformed Bad Girls

If you’re in the Allentown, PA area and female, you can come to a new Bible study starting on July 6 and led by yours truly.  We’ll be meeting at my mom’s pad on the West End.  E-mail me if you’d like to join us!  Here’s my nifty flyer.  Feel free to pass it aroundContinue reading “WANTED:: Reformed Bad Girls”

Hitchhiking with Tara Leigh Cobble

By Amy Sondova If you’ve been around the singer/songwriter end of the indie music scene, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Tara Leigh Cobble.  The sassy singer is also an accomplished author and speaker, who grew up in Tennessee hunting and gutting.  Between working on her third book, playing shows andContinue reading “Hitchhiking with Tara Leigh Cobble”

Review :: Wonder of the World – Rush of Fools

By Clay W. Ginn Coming off a somewhat out of nowhere debut, Rush of Fools returns with their sophomore release, Wonder of the World. A wonderfully consistent recording, the new CD showcases an acoustic-based, modern rock sound. This talented quintet from Birmingham, Ala. has crafted an aurally mesmerizing sound, not soft enough for adult contemporary,Continue reading “Review :: Wonder of the World – Rush of Fools”

Amy’s F.A.Q’s

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my blog (readership going from 5 readers to 25 readers…just kidding), I have decided to take the time to answer your “frequently asked questions”…or rather to make up questions I’m sure you frequent ask yourselves. Whatever. There’s going to be questions and you’re going to get answers, OK? *AreContinue reading “Amy’s F.A.Q’s”

Risk Being Vulnerable

Today a cool gal I met through blogging made a very vulnerable post describing how she fears rejection because she is a former porn addict.  She made a bold proclamation to the world and I admire her courage.  Although I’ve spilled many of my secrets on this blog over the years, there are still someContinue reading “Risk Being Vulnerable”