Praised Singer/Songwriter Josh Wilson Launches Website in Response to Fan Reaction of Latest Single “Fall Apart”

From The Media Collective: (Nashville, Tenn) June 16, 2011–Sparrow Records’ critically acclaimed artist Josh Wilson has a history of penning riveting songs that tug at the heartstrings of listeners. As with his captivating chart topper “Before the Morning” (Life is Not a Snapshot, 2009) and now his latest single “Fall Apart” (See You, 2011) testimonialsContinue reading “Praised Singer/Songwriter Josh Wilson Launches Website in Response to Fan Reaction of Latest Single “Fall Apart””

Take 5 with singer/songwriter Matt the Electrician

Matt “the Electrician” Sever is perhaps one of the most interesting singer/songwriters I’ve had yet to encounter.  Hailing from the bustling metropolis of Austin, TX, Matt began work as a “journeyman electrician” during the day and while playing shows at night until eventually pursuing music full-time.  However, the name “Matt the Electrician” stuck.  (To fullyContinue reading “Take 5 with singer/songwriter Matt the Electrician”

Take 5 with Jenny & Tyler (Music)

When I first heard Jenny & Tyler, I was feeling overwhelmed by the bland music surrounding me.  Jenny & Tyler’s smooth vocals, fresh lyrics, and folk/pop style instantly excited me.  There was an unexplainable synergy between the duo and I picked up on that immediately.  Jenny (of Jenny & Tyler) shares about the duo’s latestContinue reading “Take 5 with Jenny & Tyler (Music)”

Josh Wilson:: Seeing God’s Hope in Pain

When I first interviewed Josh Wilson several years ago about his debut album, Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup (2008), we formed a special bond between writer and musician, which continues today.  I have made no secret about my appreciation for Josh, as a musician, friend, and fellow human being.  Naturally, that bringsContinue reading “Josh Wilson:: Seeing God’s Hope in Pain”

UnWrapping Christmas with singer/songwriter JJ Heller

JJ Heller’s album, When I’m With You, is one of my absolute favorite albums of 2010…and I didn’t write about it, until now!  Honestly, JJ has knock-out vocals, a clean sound, and an upbeat melodies.  I can’t get enough of her album.  So I was thrilled beyond all reason when JJ decided to UnWrap ChristmasContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with singer/songwriter JJ Heller”

Take 5 with singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson

Counting the Stars, Andrew Peterson’s latest album, is a work of beauty.  Despite being a vastly popular album, Peterson makes the listener feel as if he or she is sitting in a quiet little coffeehouse enjoying the music of a guy who is too good to be playing the venue.  A quality singer/songwriter who hasContinue reading “Take 5 with singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson”

Chris McClarney’s DEFENDER, Working All Things Out For Our Good

By Melissa Riddle-Chalos When you spend your formative years, moving every couple of years to a new place, a new church, watching your Baptist preacher-father burning out of the ministry, seeds are planted in a boy’s heart. For Chris McClarney those seeds—full of the potential for disillusionment and doubt—grew a garden of gracious gifts: theContinue reading “Chris McClarney’s DEFENDER, Working All Things Out For Our Good”

Music Review:: Josh Wilson (self-titled)

Josh Wilson isn’t just one of the nicest guys in Nashville; he’s also one of the most talented.  And that’s saying a lot in a city chock full of musical geniuses.  This humble singer/songwriter would not count himself among the elite, but his latest self-titled release proves that Josh Wilson will soon be a householdContinue reading “Music Review:: Josh Wilson (self-titled)”

Take 5 with singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts

Singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts has long been a favorite artist of mine, so I was extremely interested in hearing his latest album, Through Songs I Was First Undone. The recent release contains some of McRoberts favorite songs from artists such as Aimee Mann, Nine Inch Nails, George Michael, and Tom Petty.  Interestingly enough, McRobert’s spin onContinue reading “Take 5 with singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts”

Guest Writer Josh Rosenthal:: The Mind of an Artist

Due to my full schedule, I have asked some of my favorite people to guest post here on Backseat Writer.  Fascinated with the Villages Suite and the book singer/songwriter Josh Rosenthal is working on, I asked Josh if he would share a bit more about his project.  In the following post, he takes readers intoContinue reading “Guest Writer Josh Rosenthal:: The Mind of an Artist”