Book Review:: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore

Beloved women’s speaker and author Beth Moore’s latest book, So Long, Insecurity (Tyndale), is her most personal book to date.  Moore, who has helped countless ladies break free, get out of pits, and dive deep into Scripture with studies on Jesus, Paul, David, and Esther, is now combating a stronghold in the lives of manyContinue reading “Book Review:: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore”

The Women of the Resurrection

In this pic, Jesus looks like He’s playing hide-and-seek with the women. I wanted to prepare this blog post sooner, but time is not on my side lately.  My family could definitely use your prayer.  Gosh, I could use your prayers.  However, better late than never, here’s the follow up to “The Women of theContinue reading “The Women of the Resurrection”

The Women of the Cross

Since early last summer, I’ve been leading a ladies’ Bible study. This week, since it is Holy Week, I prepared a lesson called “The Women of the Cross” to be followed next week by “The Women of the Resurrection.” I know, I know. They could use snappier titles. But I thought both my male andContinue reading “The Women of the Cross”

WANTED:: Reformed Bad Girls

If you’re in the Allentown, PA area and female, you can come to a new Bible study starting on July 6 and led by yours truly.  We’ll be meeting at my mom’s pad on the West End.  E-mail me if you’d like to join us!  Here’s my nifty flyer.  Feel free to pass it aroundContinue reading “WANTED:: Reformed Bad Girls”

The One-Up Disease

The One-Up Disease, though lacking true diagnostic criteria approved by a board of highly educated individuals, is one that is running rampant through society.  Symptoms include bragging, name dropping, swelling heads, and of course, one-upping all your friends and family.  One-upping is prevalent in social and economic situations; for example, a friend buys a newContinue reading “The One-Up Disease”

Review: The Secret Things of God with Dr. Henry Cloud

Released 3.11.08 By Amy Sondova With the best-selling book under his belt, Dr. Henry Cloud reintroduces the basic concepts of The Secret Things of God in this teaching DVD. Cloud, who co-authored the Boundaries books series, brings his skills as a psychologist and theologian together to address the inner longing of humans from both aContinue reading “Review: The Secret Things of God with Dr. Henry Cloud”

Flavor Your Youth Ministry With Ginger

Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald is one of my favorite people in the world. Smart, sassy, motivated, and creative, Ginger has chosen to use her marketing, writing, and public relations super powers for good, not evil. When she’s not coming up with massive advertising campaigns for billion dollar junk food empires (like Mccy D’s), Ginger spends herContinue reading “Flavor Your Youth Ministry With Ginger”