Karaoke Dive-By

On Friday night, I let loose with a few friends for some karaoke fun at our friendly, neighborhood pub.  Now when I think of “pub,” imagery of The Inn of the Prancing Pony from the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings comes to mind.  (If you’re not a LOTR nerd, I knowContinue reading “Karaoke Dive-By”

Friday Faves: The Surprise! Edition

Aren’t you elated?!  It’s been months (or at least a month) since I did Friday Faves (FF) and I didn’t originally plan on putting together FF today, but some days I just surprise myself as well as my readers!  Since I just gave you an update on my life, I thought I’d share an amusingContinue reading “Friday Faves: The Surprise! Edition”

Friday Faves: Amy’s {Irish} Brain Dump Edition

Top of the mornin’ to ya!  That was my Americanized version of a traditional Irish greeting.  Really, what do you expect from a lass that’s only 1/16 Irish?  Still, my wee bit o’ Irish blood and my love of the color “green” makes me leap like a leprechaun (with joy, of course!)  Since I’ve bloggedContinue reading “Friday Faves: Amy’s {Irish} Brain Dump Edition”

Go with me to the Sadie Hawkins?

According to Wikipedia—a fount of knowledge on all things Leap Day/Sadie Hawkins—the practice of woman asking men to MARRY them was allowed once every four years on Leap Day.  Though often attested to Birgid’s major crush on St. Patrick (and really, who wouldn’t be beguiled with the man who drove the snakes out of Ireland?),Continue reading “Go with me to the Sadie Hawkins?”

Friday Faves: Linus’ Blanket Edition

Last week, I admitted that I wasn’t OK and gave you my permission to revel in your not OK-ness (not that you needed my permission).  If last week was not OK, then this week was one, uh, terrible.  I mean, wretched.  Gut-wrenching. It was bad. I think that’s what I like about Friday…the hope ofContinue reading “Friday Faves: Linus’ Blanket Edition”

Friday Faves: Hurricane Irene’s A’Coming Edition

First, we get hit with an earthquake and now Hurricane Irene is roarin’ our way—what is going on with the East Coast?  Are we experiencing the wrath of the gods? (I say “gods” because I don’t think my Heavenly Father is exacting wrath on us.  But the fictional Greek gods would do exactly this sortContinue reading “Friday Faves: Hurricane Irene’s A’Coming Edition”

James Tate & the Tatens ARE GOING TO THE PROM!!!

You can now cancel the international protests, stop crank calling the Shelton Board of Education, and throw away those rotten eggs you were planning on throwing at Headmaster Smith’s house eating.  Shelton High School’s headmaster, Dr. Beth Smith has relented.  James Tate and his band of Romeos will now be attendance at Shelton’s prom onContinue reading “James Tate & the Tatens ARE GOING TO THE PROM!!!”

Let James Tate & the Tatens Go to the Prom!!!

An important issue has come to my attention, so important in fact, that despite my sickening sinus/stress headache, I had to drop everything to let you all know about it, so we can act fast…. James Tate has been banned from his high school prom. Stop the presses!  What did this teenage miscreant do toContinue reading “Let James Tate & the Tatens Go to the Prom!!!”

Sorry, James, I Just Can’t Marry You

   Last week, I got an email marriage proposal [in my spam folder] from a gentleman named “James.”  I’m afraid to email James directly because he may be a phisher who is trying to hack into my email account (Or maybe he is the South Korean who hacked into my email account and spammed allContinue reading “Sorry, James, I Just Can’t Marry You”

Photo Essay:: Inside Scranton, Pennsylvania

On Wednesday, I accompanied my friend, Shari, on a trip to her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Scranton is not only the hometown of Vice President Joe Biden (until he moved to Delaware at the age of 10) but also the location of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin from “The Office.”  A historic town, ScrantonContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Inside Scranton, Pennsylvania”