Take 5 with author Mesu Andrews (Love Amid the Ashes)

In her first book, Love Amid the Ashes (read review) author Mesu Andrews tackles the story of Job, perhaps Scripture’s second-most famous story on suffering (the first being Jesus, of course).  In excruciating detail, Andrews articulates Job’s trials—the smell and seepage from his physical wounds, the agony of loss, and yes, his restoration by God. Continue reading “Take 5 with author Mesu Andrews (Love Amid the Ashes)”

Book Review:: Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews

By Donna Landis Oh, the book of Job. You know THAT one. The beginning is very interesting with all of that dialogue between God and Satan and the end is great when everything that has taken away from Job is restored. But the middle is ripe with complaining, suffering, questioning, and wondering about God. YetContinue reading “Book Review:: Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews”

Chris McClarney’s DEFENDER, Working All Things Out For Our Good

By Melissa Riddle-Chalos When you spend your formative years, moving every couple of years to a new place, a new church, watching your Baptist preacher-father burning out of the ministry, seeds are planted in a boy’s heart. For Chris McClarney those seeds—full of the potential for disillusionment and doubt—grew a garden of gracious gifts: theContinue reading “Chris McClarney’s DEFENDER, Working All Things Out For Our Good”

Risk Being Vulnerable

Today a cool gal I met through blogging made a very vulnerable post describing how she fears rejection because she is a former porn addict.  She made a bold proclamation to the world and I admire her courage.  Although I’ve spilled many of my secrets on this blog over the years, there are still someContinue reading “Risk Being Vulnerable”