Take 5 with Jade Harrell

Nineteen year-old Jade Harrell is bringing a little soul, a lot of funk, and even some pop to her debut album, Class Reject (Revolution Art).  From songs like the dance track “Me & My Radio to Jade’s cover of “What a Fool Believes,” this album is full of varied styles that appeal to fans ofContinue reading “Take 5 with Jade Harrell”

Recycling Christmas:: 12 Days of Toto in Africa

I like to recycle, and as such, I’m posting another cheery video from last year, again this year to make you smile.  You should be allowed to see some cute guys singing “The 12 Days of Christmas” for more than just one year, right?   If you take notice, there are 12 guys singing–one forContinue reading “Recycling Christmas:: 12 Days of Toto in Africa”

Review :: Wonder of the World – Rush of Fools

By Clay W. Ginn Coming off a somewhat out of nowhere debut, Rush of Fools returns with their sophomore release, Wonder of the World. A wonderfully consistent recording, the new CD showcases an acoustic-based, modern rock sound. This talented quintet from Birmingham, Ala. has crafted an aurally mesmerizing sound, not soft enough for adult contemporary,Continue reading “Review :: Wonder of the World – Rush of Fools”

In the Headlights :: The Christian Manifesto

Have I ever told you about the fine folks at The Christian Manifesto?  No, but I should have.  Ever since Cal (that’s what I call C.E. Moore, founder and head honcho over at TCM), left a comment here on Backseat Writer, we became fast friends and decided that collaboration is the way to go.  AsContinue reading “In the Headlights :: The Christian Manifesto”

So much to say, so much to say!

This week I’m “unofficially” on vacation, which means I’m backing off from writing a bit to step back and consider the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Or it could be that Sarah has off all week and we’ve got great plans like an overnight beach trip with two of our pals! Well, whatever,Continue reading “So much to say, so much to say!”

Female Power Songs

We all have songs that we listen to when we’re feeling sad, party tunes we rock out to with company, and ballads that make us feel, well, powerful. Some of these group “power” songs can be heard at sporting events such as Queen’s ever-popular “We Will Rock You.” We women have our own genre ofContinue reading “Female Power Songs”

Review :: Revelation – Third Day

By Clay W. Ginn – Back in 1995, sitting in my dorm room at college, one of my friends came in and said “You’ve gotta hear this band! They’re awesome!” He yanks out whatever was in my CD player at the time, tosses it aside, and sticks in a disc by a group of guysContinue reading “Review :: Revelation – Third Day”

Interview: Making Friends with Hawk Nelson’s Jason Dunn

By Amy Sondova “I’m talking to you and painting my kitchen,” cheerfully announces Hawk Nelson’s lead singer, Jason Dunn, as he carefully colors his walls Olympus white. “It’s actually lightish gray,” he explains, then distastefully adds, “I’m not sure if I really like the color, but I don’t have much of a choice now, doContinue reading “Interview: Making Friends with Hawk Nelson’s Jason Dunn”