Listening to Bebo Norman

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bebo Norman lately.   Even though I have piles of new (and wonderful) music to digest, review, and prep for interviews, I continue to listen to my old stand-by Bebo Norman.  When I don’t know what else to do and everything seems all mixed-up in my heart and mind,Continue reading “Listening to Bebo Norman”

Power in Weakness & Exceptional Songwriters

I’ve had a fairly busy week with meetings and interviews and all friends popping over. Anyway, despite my pounding sinus headaches that make me want to rip out my cheeks and that nagging anxiety, I’ve managed to press on but only because of God’s power being made perfect in my weakness. Yesterday I talked toContinue reading “Power in Weakness & Exceptional Songwriters”

Updated:: Our First Poll Ever!

It’s the South Pole…get it? Pole and poll? Yeah, it’s a terrible pun. The time has come for me to ask you, the readers, what you want to see on Backseat Writer. Or if you don’t like any of these options or have another idea, feel free to leave a comment (or leave a commentContinue reading “Updated:: Our First Poll Ever!”

Update on My Life

I took this picture one day, played with the colorization on Photoshop, and thought, dang, it evokes the feeling of moving upward, so I posted it here. A few of you out there in blogosphere land are probably wondering, “What’s going on with Amy?  She hasn’t mentioned much about her personal happenings in a while.” Continue reading “Update on My Life”

You Need Necessary Therapy

C.S. Lewis getting Necessary Therapy  You need therapy, that is, Necessary Therapy.  It’s a site put together by a guy who calls himself “Pistol Pete”, after a basketball player of the same name.  In his blog, Pistol Pete not only shares his own musings on issues (recently, homosexuality), but also “interviews” famous people who comeContinue reading “You Need Necessary Therapy”