Book Review:: Picking Dandelions by Sarah Cunningham

“My conversion played out simply, as if I were extending to God a dandelion: the life of a scrawny kid pressed into His hand.”—one of the many quotable sentences from Picking Dandelions I was a little girl who picked dandelions for anyone and everyone.  As I grew older, I was fascinated that God would makeContinue reading “Book Review:: Picking Dandelions by Sarah Cunningham”

Hitchhiking with Tara Leigh Cobble

By Amy Sondova If you’ve been around the singer/songwriter end of the indie music scene, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Tara Leigh Cobble.  The sassy singer is also an accomplished author and speaker, who grew up in Tennessee hunting and gutting.  Between working on her third book, playing shows andContinue reading “Hitchhiking with Tara Leigh Cobble”