Take 5 with Randall Goodgame

Let me just be honest here—Randall Goodgame’s Bluebird EP got lost under a pile of Christmas presents, seasonal depression, and site changes. Randall Goodgame is an artist that should never be lost, but is a joy to discover.  From his work as a songwriter for artists such as Caedmon’s Call and Andrew Peterson, to his solo work, Goodgame’s easy vocals and melodies flow effortlessly.  Bluebird is a bittersweet mixture of upbeat songs like the title track “Bluebird” and mellow (yet lyrically strong) songs like “California” and “All the Years.”  To offer more perspective on his album, music, and life, Randall agreed to “Take 5” with Backseat Writer.

*While listeners may not be entirely familiar with your name, they are probably familiar with some of your other work, including the songs you crafted for Caedmon’s Call and Andrew Peterson.  What’s it like to hear other artists performing your work?

First, I love those people, so creating with them or for them brings me a deep sense of joy, just because of our relationship.  But artistically, seeing songs fleshed out in ways I’d never thought of has really grown and stretched me.  I’m so thankful for that.

* How did a song about a little bird become the title track for the whole album?

Well, the whole record is about broken relationships and longing for the time when they will be restored.  The song “Bluebird” still has some hope left in it for today.  That’s how I’d like to live.

*I love the solid piano melodies on this album, especially in the reflective song “All the Years.”  What’s the story behind this song?

Again, anyone who is honest will express deep grief at their capacity to love someone else well.  Relationships are hard, and life is hard, but you can’t give up.  That’s what is going on in “All The Years.”

*Besides being a husband, father, songwriter, and many other things, you have also been open about your struggles with ADHD on your blog. I appreciate your openness about what can sometimes be considered a taboo issue.  How has talking about your experiences with ADHD been helpful to others?

Honestly, so far, talking about it hasn’t made much of a stir.  Most folks I know that struggle with it are reluctant to talk about it because it is difficult to gauge.  It acts differently for different folks.  So, it’s not like talking about the flu, which people can relate to.  It’s like saying your depth perception is a little off.  Well, by how much?  And what kind of a difference does that make in your life, really?  And, it is difficult and expensive to medicate.  I’m off my meds right now, and I’m not sure I’ll go back on them.  So, I can understand there not being a big rush to talk about it.

*I know you have a seven year-old daughter and a wife with an amazing first name (Amy’s of the world unite!), but you are also seeking to add to the Goodgame family.  Would you mind sharing a bit about your adoption plans?

Actually, my daughter Livi is now 8 years old, and Jonah is 5.  And yes, we are in process to adopt from Ethiopia in 2009.  We began the conversation about adoption in 2007, and are more excited than ever about going over and getting our kids. The most we can say is that we are sure we have no idea what we are getting into, but that this is where God has led us.  Crazy.

For more information on Randall Goodgame visit him online at randallgoodgame.com or myspace.com/randallgoodgame.

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