Take 5 with worship leader Matt Redman

Every week at church services, youth group meetings, on the radio, and in our home, millions of people probably sing a worship song written or influenced by UK-born worship leader, Matt Redman.  Known for such songs as “The Heart of Worship,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “You Never Let Go,” and a slew of others, RedmanContinue reading “Take 5 with worship leader Matt Redman”

Take 5 with Tim Sinclair, author of BRANDED: Sharing Jesus in a Consumer Culture

As I was reading Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture (read my review), I just wanted to cry at times.  I remember going on urban mission trips, handing out tracts, asking random passersby if they knew where they were going when they died, but it all seemed so meaningless.  I remember coming back fromContinue reading “Take 5 with Tim Sinclair, author of BRANDED: Sharing Jesus in a Consumer Culture”

Take 5 with Jenny & Tyler (Music)

When I first heard Jenny & Tyler, I was feeling overwhelmed by the bland music surrounding me.  Jenny & Tyler’s smooth vocals, fresh lyrics, and folk/pop style instantly excited me.  There was an unexplainable synergy between the duo and I picked up on that immediately.  Jenny (of Jenny & Tyler) shares about the duo’s latestContinue reading “Take 5 with Jenny & Tyler (Music)”

Take 5 with author Mesu Andrews (Love Amid the Ashes)

In her first book, Love Amid the Ashes (read review) author Mesu Andrews tackles the story of Job, perhaps Scripture’s second-most famous story on suffering (the first being Jesus, of course).  In excruciating detail, Andrews articulates Job’s trials—the smell and seepage from his physical wounds, the agony of loss, and yes, his restoration by God. Continue reading “Take 5 with author Mesu Andrews (Love Amid the Ashes)”

Take 5 with author Liz Curtis Higgs

Liz Curtis Higgs is my favorite former bad girl.  Author of the Bad Girls of the Bible series as well as a slew of other award-winning books, Liz just released her latest historical novel, Mine Is the Night (read review), which completes the tale that began with Here Burns My Candle.  Both novels take theContinue reading “Take 5 with author Liz Curtis Higgs”

Updated Review Policy and My Love Note to the FTC

Hear ye, hear ye!  I have updated parts of Backseat Writer’s Review Policy and added a bit of plain speak to my FTC Disclosure.  Read on, you know you want to… REVIEW POLICY Request for reviews/interview/marriage proposals can be sent to amy@backseatwriter.com. Why, yes, I would love to review your album, book, movie, or product! Continue reading “Updated Review Policy and My Love Note to the FTC”

Take 5 with musician Holly Starr

Holly Starr is one of young musicians prepped to usher in a new generation of music to the Christian music scene.  Her rich vocals, catchy lyrics, and fresh sound endear the songstress to not only teens desperately searching for good role models, but older listeners who enjoy her mature sound and purpose. Holly was kindContinue reading “Take 5 with musician Holly Starr”

Take 5 with singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson

Counting the Stars, Andrew Peterson’s latest album, is a work of beauty.  Despite being a vastly popular album, Peterson makes the listener feel as if he or she is sitting in a quiet little coffeehouse enjoying the music of a guy who is too good to be playing the venue.  A quality singer/songwriter who hasContinue reading “Take 5 with singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson”

Take 5 with Rend Collective Experiment

Rend Collective Experiment is a truly unique conglomeration of musicians—15 band members in all!  Hailing from Bangor, Ireland, the band has a new way of making music—in a community of musical friends and it works.  In fact, not only does it work, Rend Collective’s debut album, The Organic Family Hymnal is hailed by critics andContinue reading “Take 5 with Rend Collective Experiment”

Take 5 with Dutton’s Logan Walter

Logan Walter, lead worshipper and songwriter for the worship band Dutton, is a diehard sports fan.  In fact, he tells me that because he’s been cursed by his “inability to hit a left-handed slider.” So instead of playing baseball in college, he pursued music.  But it was all in God’s plan.  Really. Because not onlyContinue reading “Take 5 with Dutton’s Logan Walter”