Christmas Un-Wrapped with Wes Pickering

Singer/songwriter Wes Pickering’s easy vocals make for a delightful listen, especially with his latest project In Work and Worship.  Compassion is a way of life for Wes, who adopted his dog Esther from a Nashville-area dog shelter and works with Songs of Love to craft original melodies for sick children. So, of course, Backseat WriterContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Wes Pickering”

Take 5 with Randall Goodgame

Let me just be honest here—Randall Goodgame’s Bluebird EP got lost under a pile of Christmas presents, seasonal depression, and site changes. Randall Goodgame is an artist that should never be lost, but is a joy to discover.  From his work as a songwriter for artists such as Caedmon’s Call and Andrew Peterson, to hisContinue reading “Take 5 with Randall Goodgame”

Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins

Talking with Bebo Norman is like chatting with an old friend; except I’ve never met Bebo Norman. However, I’ve closely followed his career.  Easing into our phone interview with a joke, Bebo informed me that he’s running errands while he talks.  Moving into a safe icebreaker, we chat about his family and rearing of hisContinue reading “Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins”