It’s National Dog Day!

Until my friend Shari told me about it, I had no idea that today was National Dog Day, but it is.  And she shared tons of information on “Dog Day” books and activities on her website.  Plus, she used a picture of my dear dogs, Maddy and Cassie on her article.  So, check it out!

Since Shari was so kind to post a pic of my dogs on her site, I’m going to post a picture of her dog on my site.  Here’s her beautiful Samoyed, Savannah::

And, of course, I don’t want my dogs to feel left out. Here’s Cassie (10 y/o peekapoo) looking cute and staring at the camera.

And this is Maddy (3 year-old shih tzu)

Here’s the Dynamic Duo together.

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