Friday Faves: Amy’s {Irish} Brain Dump Edition

Top of the mornin’ to ya!  That was my Americanized version of a traditional Irish greeting.  Really, what do you expect from a lass that’s only 1/16 Irish?  Still, my wee bit o’ Irish blood and my love of the color “green” makes me leap like a leprechaun (with joy, of course!)  Since I’ve bloggedContinue reading “Friday Faves: Amy’s {Irish} Brain Dump Edition”

Goodbye Cassie, my beloved dog

Cassie the Peekapoo (March 24, 1999 – January 31, 2012) I’ve spent the past few minutes updating my online biographies—changing them to reflect that I no longer have two dogs, just one.  I don’t know why this seems so necessary, why I had to move her bed out of my room, asked BFF Sarah toContinue reading “Goodbye Cassie, my beloved dog”

Amy’s Christmas Message: You’d Better Be Good Enough!

“Maddy!  Stop jumping on the wrapping paper,” I yelled at my shih tzu, who thought it was playtime. I was attempting to wrap Christmas presents.  Undaunted, Maddy ran to and fro across my open roll of paper engaging her sister, Cassie the Peekapoo, in a rigorous game of “Catch Me If You Can.” Half-amused andContinue reading “Amy’s Christmas Message: You’d Better Be Good Enough!”

Friday Faves: Hurricane Irene’s A’Coming Edition

First, we get hit with an earthquake and now Hurricane Irene is roarin’ our way—what is going on with the East Coast?  Are we experiencing the wrath of the gods? (I say “gods” because I don’t think my Heavenly Father is exacting wrath on us.  But the fictional Greek gods would do exactly this sortContinue reading “Friday Faves: Hurricane Irene’s A’Coming Edition”

Friday Faves: I Survived My Wal-Mart Shopping Experience Edition

On Wednesday, I accompanied my mom on a shopping excursion to the scourge of all giant retail chains–Wal-Mart.  Not just any Wal-Mart, but a SUPER Wal-Mart (though it’s not the biggest, nor super-est Wal-Mart I’ve ever visited.  It’s certainly the most unpleasant.)  Since she’s developed an ulcer on the bottom of her foot, she hasContinue reading “Friday Faves: I Survived My Wal-Mart Shopping Experience Edition”

Upcoming Review:: Lola Dog Harness from CSN Stores

You know what I love about CSN Stores?  The fact they have over 200+ online stores with adorable products for every area of your home—like bathroom vanities (I so need one of those!), sofa pillows, décor, kitchen accessories, and so much more!  Plus, there are toys for the kids and even items for the familyContinue reading “Upcoming Review:: Lola Dog Harness from CSN Stores”

Pretty Pets in Costumes with a Pumpkin, Take 2

After deciding to adorn my pumpkin with a bow, I decided to adorn my pets with their Halloween costumes.  Yes, I put my dogs in Halloween costumes–not only at Halloween, but also sometimes just for fun.  And, of course, I took pictures.  Maddy the Shih Tzu (white/gray)  loves dressing up while Cassie the Peekapoo (tan) Continue reading “Pretty Pets in Costumes with a Pumpkin, Take 2”

My Pretty Pumpkin

We’ve had the pumpkin for over a few weeks now sitting on the floor in a plastic bag.  Since I’m back from my whirlwind Florida trip and sick as a dog, I decided it was finally time to decorate that bad boy. Using a Sharpie marker, metallic star stickers, and glittery fairy stickers, I madeContinue reading “My Pretty Pumpkin”

It’s National Dog Day!

Until my friend Shari told me about it, I had no idea that today was National Dog Day, but it is.  And she shared tons of information on “Dog Day” books and activities on her website.  Plus, she used a picture of my dear dogs, Maddy and Cassie on her article.  So, check it out!Continue reading “It’s National Dog Day!”

Weird Video Wednesday:: Bring on the Shih Tzus!

It’s no secret that I adore shih tzus, especially my own 2 year-old darling Madalyne.  The other day while wasting time, I mean, doing important research for “Weird Video Wednesday,” I stumbled across this video.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to embed it because the owner has disabled the feature, but you can click on theContinue reading “Weird Video Wednesday:: Bring on the Shih Tzus!”