Review:: My Tasty Cuisinart Flavor Duo Ice Cream Maker!

A few weeks ago I told you CSN Stores agreed to send me a Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker to review.  Unfortunately, that was model was out of stock.  So instead the fine folks at CSN sent me something even better—the Cuisinart ICE-40 Flavor Duo, which makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbets.  Instead of having two quarts of the same flavor, I can make two different flavors of ice cream or ice cream and sorbet at the same time!

So far, I’ve tried vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, peanut butter cup ice cream (my fave), mint chocolate chip (which I dyed green with food coloring), Snickers ice cream, and mango-strawberry sorbet.  Everything was DELICIOUS!

And the machine is so easy to use!  I thought getting an ice cream maker meant I would have to buy special mixes or hard-to-find ingredients.  So not the case!  Generally, I don’t keep the fridge stocked with heavy whipping cream, but other than that, everything I needed was already in my kitchen.  I simply followed the recipes included with the Cuisinart ICE-40 and voila–ice cream magic in 20 minutes!  Of course, the ice cream does need to be frozen for a couple hours so it can solidify.  Also, the metal mixing bowls must be pre-frozen for use.  Clean-up is easy and the ice cream is oh-so-tasty.

My favorite thing about having my own ice cream maker is thinking up new flavors and saving money at the grocery store.  I’m tired of paying more for ice cream and getting less for my money.  I highly recommend the Cuisinart ICE-40 Flavor Duo Ice Cream Maker to get you through the rest of this steamy August (and steamy summers to come!) Besides, wouldn’t homemade cinnamon ice cream taste delicious with pumpkin pie?  Ice cream makers are truly for all seasons—I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream?

0 thoughts on “Review:: My Tasty Cuisinart Flavor Duo Ice Cream Maker!

  1. Agreed…..I have too sampled some of these fine ice cream/sorbet creations and they are DELICIOUS!!! Whatever that machine does, is done right. All natural and you can invent your own combos and recipies.

  2. You should make some strawberry banana ice cream or sorbet. Or open up your own ice cream shop!!! Maybe?

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