Gone, baby, gone

Saturday I’m heading down to Florida to stump for Mickey Mouse.  Actually, I’m going to Disney World!  I’m 28 and I’ve yet to experience the Magic Kingdom, giant costumed mice, and all that other Disney goodness.  As such, I won’t be able to post insightful musings on this blog until I return because I’m not taking my laptop so I can have an actual break from everything.  Fear not, I shall take many ‘a picture and share them with you all.  If you see stuff popping up on Backseat Writer, that is because Senior Scribe Alyssa is dutifully posting articles for all our readers.  So, yes, I’m getting out of town before election day, and yes, I sent in my absentee ballot!

0 thoughts on “Gone, baby, gone

  1. Woohoo! Happy birthday!

    Glad to hear I’m not the only who hasn’t been to Disney World (I also haven’t made it to the Land either).

    Hope you have tons of fun!


  2. man! I totally thought this blog was about the movie and you were reviewing it! Bummer…

    You should definitely see the movie and review it. It’s totally worth the discussion it invokes!

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