How was your trip to Disney World?

It’s the number one question that people have been asking me lately.  My response has varied in honesty based on the person who’s asked, so let me be perfectly frank–Disney World is awesome! Puking my guts out early in my trip (when I was supposed to visit the Magic Kingdom) was not awesome.  And that’sContinue reading “How was your trip to Disney World?”

Gone, baby, gone

Saturday I’m heading down to Florida to stump for Mickey Mouse.  Actually, I’m going to Disney World!  I’m 28 and I’ve yet to experience the Magic Kingdom, giant costumed mice, and all that other Disney goodness.  As such, I won’t be able to post insightful musings on this blog until I return because I’m notContinue reading “Gone, baby, gone”

So much to say, so much to say!

This week I’m “unofficially” on vacation, which means I’m backing off from writing a bit to step back and consider the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Or it could be that Sarah has off all week and we’ve got great plans like an overnight beach trip with two of our pals! Well, whatever,Continue reading “So much to say, so much to say!”

Making Out with God

Here I am back from my fantastic dream vacation to the San Juan Islands aboard the magnificent boat, the Pacific Catalyst II. Several of my friends have already blogged about their adventures aboard the ship (Adam, Todd, Kim) and there’s even a slide show on the boat’s website of our trip. After bantering with ToddContinue reading “Making Out with God”