If the Olympics are your thing…

Since I’m not really a sports person, I haven’t been following the Olympics with nearly as much interest as those around me. In fact, if all my friends stopped blogging about the Olympics, I would have no clue what was going on. Unfortunately, unless something major happens, you probably won’t hear much on the summer games from this little corner of the blogosphere. However, I can point you to some interesting commentaries from my friends who know about sports and stuff.

Derek Tang, a youth pastor pal ‘o mine, is regularly updating his blog with thoughts about the Olympics including pictures and other tidbits of information, like the dreaded Microsoft blue screen making an appearance during the games (read post). Being an ethnic Chinese man who grew up in Malaysia, Derek has an interesting slant on the culture and since he’s all about sports, he can cover that, too. Check him out.

My friend, Jeff Greathouse, who apparently wants to be a “cast member” (read post) wrote an interesting post about the girl who sang the Chinese national anthem. Apparently, it was a Singin’ in the Rain deal–the girl who appears to be singing was actually lip-syncing because the real singer wasn’t “cute enough” to sing in public. Nice.

I found this post by Rebekah Clark through my friend Alyssa. Rebekah talks about she has difficult reconciling human rights violations in China and watching the games.

Feel free to post interesting links, medal counts, your own thoughts, whatever. 🙂

0 thoughts on “If the Olympics are your thing…

  1. Seems we both share something in common. I just caught highlights on the news and see the medal count on yahoo and that’s it! Valerie and I were like …wow …its the summer olympics …really not our thing. Now if it was the Winter ones …look out!

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