Take 5 with Anthony Evans

By Amy Sondova With vocals that are smooth as silk, Anthony Evans continues to redefine his identity as an artist with his latest album The Bridge, which includes the beautiful acoustic melody “Meaningless,” covers of worship songs “Here I Am To Worship” and “Blessed Be Your Name,” and the original song, “The Way You Love Me.” Son of author/speaker/pastor Dr. Tony Evans, Anthony Evans has been heralded by everyone from MercyMe’s Bart Millard to Kirk Franklin. Anthony kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to “Take 5” with Backseat Writer.

Let’s tackle that elephant in the room straight on—what’s it like being the son of someone as famous and influential as Dr. Tony Evans?
More that being what he is to the masses, he is dad to me. He is a dad that has stood by what he believes in and has given me a great example to follow. Everything else, the buildings, the programs, the books…..I admire that about him, but it is how he lives that makes me stand confident in what I am called to do. The rest is just icing on the cake.

The Bridge, your third album, is defined as a worship album—why did you decide to do a worship album now?
I was going through a lot of heart ache in my life at the time, and in writing a new record I was having problems penning new songs. I would sit down to write and the only thing that would come out was “God….why??.” THE END. There was a pivotal moment when I realized that I was at the end of my reasoning and my own efforts. It was at that moment where I realized that it wasn’t my job to figure God out, but to worship him as he worked out what He was already figured out.

Your acoustic song, “Meaningless,” is my favorite song on the album and it seems like a play on Ecclesiastes. What’s the story behind this song’s creation?
Early in my career I was looking for affirmation from the industry. i thought that if they liked my music, that meant that I was succeeding. I soon realized that if pleasing the industry was my goal, then I would be setting myself up for failure. Number one songs and hit records are great, but if that is all I was about, sooner or later I would be disappointed because there would come a day where all that would end. I ultimately had to define success with feeling that I was doing what I was called to do, and that being accompanied by a piece. That became my definition of success. “Meaningless” came at a time in my life when I was figuring all this out. I just happened to capture it in my journal.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about you as a singer?

We are very quick to categorize or classify each other. I’m often pigeon holed into one genre or another depending on who is making the call. Truth is, my music is a product of my history and experience, which spans a wide variety of genres and styles. There is a misconception that I am trying to please all people by covering a wide variety of tastes stylistically, but that is just a part of who I am. My career has led me from the Southern Baptist Convention, all the way to the Stellar awards. I enjoy and learn from both, so what you hear is who I am.

Besides singing, what are some of your other unique, and possibly quirky talents?
Believe it or not, If I am not singing you can find me at the barn. I have a couple of horses and enjoy giving informal lessons and trail riding with friends.

Print copy of Take 5.

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