Reaching Across the Great Divide

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about our heated political AND Church environment. While those of us who are followers of Christ should allow our faith to inform the full spectrum of our lives, we must accept that our individual walks don’t always lead us to the same places or conclusions. It’s partContinue reading “Reaching Across the Great Divide”

Silenced Press Equals Fractured Freedom

“I’m not teaching you what to think; I’m teaching you how to think,” emphatically stated my professor in class after class. We got it—not what to think, how to think. His assignments—papers mostly—asked us to draw deep from the well of knowledge we gained and discover our own conclusions. In retrospect, it was one ofContinue reading “Silenced Press Equals Fractured Freedom”

Doggone that Mitt Romney! (We don’t take animal abuse lightly)

Even though I’m an Independent and feel that my personal interests in social programs might be best served by a Democratic President, I still eye the Republican candidates with interest.  As an INDEPENDENT thinker, I like to look at all the candidates and chose the one that I feel can best serve my country. I’veContinue reading “Doggone that Mitt Romney! (We don’t take animal abuse lightly)”

Why Christians Can “Celebrate” Osama’s Death

“Death of OBL reflects the world’s universal longing for justice. We want a God of love, but we also want a God of justice.” –Dan Darling via Twitter (@dandarling) Since the news broke last night about the death of Osama Bin Laden, there has been a flurry of reaction—some patriotic, some celebratory, some hilarious, someContinue reading “Why Christians Can “Celebrate” Osama’s Death”

Updated Review Policy and My Love Note to the FTC

Hear ye, hear ye!  I have updated parts of Backseat Writer’s Review Policy and added a bit of plain speak to my FTC Disclosure.  Read on, you know you want to… REVIEW POLICY Request for reviews/interview/marriage proposals can be sent to Why, yes, I would love to review your album, book, movie, or product! Continue reading “Updated Review Policy and My Love Note to the FTC”

Dora the Explorer Fuels Arizona Law Debate…and I don’t know what to think.

Now that Dora the Explorer is the poster child for Arizona’s Immigration Law, I decided it was time to put a stop to this mayhem and foolishness.  According to this article , some people with more time on their hands than me have Photoshopped a smiley Dora into a mug shot.  Dora features a blackContinue reading “Dora the Explorer Fuels Arizona Law Debate…and I don’t know what to think.”

Book Review:: Tea with Hezbollah by Ted Dekker & Carl Medearis

I always thought sitting down with chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk was key to peace in the Middle East—if only we could all agree to sit down together. That’s what Carl Medearis suggested to novelist Ted Dekker one evening over dinner—only the pair would drink tea, a popular drink in theContinue reading “Book Review:: Tea with Hezbollah by Ted Dekker & Carl Medearis”

The President is in Town (and traffic isn’t moving)

President Obama is in town hobnobbing with elected officials and a few [successful] business owners, who are more than happy to bolster Obama’s image to Pennsylvanians.  The same Pennsylvanians he accused of clinging to guns and religion during his campaign.  The local (and national) press is all over the story while our police are outContinue reading “The President is in Town (and traffic isn’t moving)”

Blog Action Day: Climate Change–Let’s Get Our Facts Straight

Update: Thanks for all the comments!  I found a book that will help me to figure this out called A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE.  And you can even win a copy from Backseat Writer.  For more information, click here. To prepare for this Blog Action Day post on Climate Change, I’ve spent the past few weeksContinue reading “Blog Action Day: Climate Change–Let’s Get Our Facts Straight”

Suspend Salaries for PA Congress, Not State Workers & Social Services

Usually it works like this—you get a job and if you don’t fulfill the requirements of that job you get booted.  Immediately.  Not so in the state of Pennsylvania where the senators serve for four years and the representatives for two; regardless of job performance.  If it were up to me, I would fire theContinue reading “Suspend Salaries for PA Congress, Not State Workers & Social Services”