One Word 2011:: My word is…

On her blog, Grit and Glory, Alece Ronzio asked readers to choose a symbolic word for 2011.  Being a wordsmith of sorts, a dozen words came to mind—discover, captivate, beauty, connect, embrace—but they all seemed like catchy little buzz words that didn’t quite capture how I felt.

If I am truly honest, words like fear, struggle, survive, stress more accurately describe my condition.  A new year is a new opportunity for birth, but also for death.

What started out as a fun exercise has become troubling….what is my word?  How can I be positive, yet still acknowledge my struggles?

I suppose I could simply be numb.  Numb.  Self-preservative.  Closed.

After much consideration, I decided my word is “live.”  I will live as someone who loves God, desires to honor Him, and not be given over to a spirit of fear.  No longer will I cower in the shadows of existence wondering what I could do or what I could be, I will go for it.  I choose life; I choose to live.

For someone who struggles with going out her front door, who would rather interact with books than people, who feels so deeply, living in the moment is a challenge.  Life itself seems like a never-ending chore.  Instead of retreating into myself, I choose to live—to live out loud.

What is your word?  Join the One Word 2011 online at Grit and Glory and follow the hashtag #OneWord2011 on Twitter.

0 thoughts on “One Word 2011:: My word is…

  1. i can feel the weight of your word choice… and all that your commitment to focus on it will hold. it is no small thing, my friend. LIVE. that feels like a huge hurdle for my heart some days too. looking forward to watching the ways this plays out for you this year, amy.

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