My 2011 Resolutions for Backseat Writer

2010 was a rough year for me, which made it a rough year for Backseat Writer.  In turn, I lost my focus; I forgot why I created Backseat Writer.  And I wasn’t about the business of bringing glory to God and His people, showcasing the amazing work of both the sacred and secular, and being a different voice on the Internet.

Oh, there were glimpses of it here and there, that shiny spark that makes Backseat Writer special, but on the whole, it’s been struggling.  The problem, dear friends, is that compounding my personal problems, I became frustrated with what God has given me, or rather what I feel He “owes” me.  I put my hand over my mouth, for I have spoken too soon.

God owes me nothing and He’s already given me a knack for writing, a uniquely female voice in an industry flooded with clever male writers.  Instead of rooting for undiscovered musicians, delving into the deeper side of those I respect, and writing openly honest reviews, I got caught up in how many hits I was getting and how many comments people were leaving and what feedback I got from publicists about my work.  It’s a miserable way to write and it’s really not me.  I don’t want to be a people pleaser, but rather a person who is honoring God with my work.  Maybe some of my work honored God; however, my heart was far from Him.

The end of a year and the precipice of a new year is the perfect time to review what works and what didn’t work, to change, and get a fresh start.  While I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions (because I break them three days after making them), this year I have you, my readers, to hold me accountable.

Here are my 2011 resolutions for Backseat Writer::

  1. To write fair and honest reviews of the material I receive from publicists. Let’s face it, I want to be nice and make everyone happy.  I want to serve you, the reader.  Nothing is worse than reading a positive review about a book or album that’s an absolute mess.
  2. To be discerning in the material and people I interview. I don’t want to just go for stats, but to write about people and music and books I find appealing.  I’m tired of trudging through mediocre material.  In the end, I just end up getting more mediocre material to review.
  3. To be more open about my own struggles. I feel like I really connect with you when I’m personal and open.  This is the crux of my writing, where I really shine, but I’ve kept myself so closed.  Pray for me as I relate my struggles to you so that we can both grow.
  4. To be keep God on the forefront. This doesn’t mean that everything I review is going to be marketed to Christians.  Rather, I want to remember that what I do is for His glory, not my own.  I don’t write to make publicists happy or get free materials, but to glorify God with this talent He has given me.
  5. To never, never, never, never give up. When my illness overtakes me, my posts may slow down, but I won’t give up.  I won’t give in.  I will still write as long as God allows.  However, sometimes I just need a break…and I will take that break when necessary.

My resolutions may seem like simplistic no brainers, but they are very important to me.  I need a renewed focus for Backseat Writer in 2011.  I also want to be accountable to you because you have faithfully come back to my site time and again.  Without you, there would be no one to read my writings.  A writer with no readers—well, that’s a sad circumstance indeed.

Thank you for all your support over the years and for joining me for a brand new year of fun in 2011.

*Note:  This is a pre-scheduled post.  Technically, I’m still on holiday break.  I’ll be checking, but new material won’t me up for a week or two.*

So, what do you think?  Making any resolutions of your own?

0 thoughts on “My 2011 Resolutions for Backseat Writer

  1. You are brave to have a lot of others keeping you up to par this year! ;-). At least I am not alone with the past year being such a let down. My prayers are for a better, blessed and fulfilling new year! Here’s to looking forward in 2011!

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