Photo Essay:: Cape Cod, Part 1

In September, I went on a lovely trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  But due to an insanely busy schedule, I haven’t been able to post my photos.  However, I decided to give you a sneak peek of what’s going to come…

I went on a Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch and finally got to see humpback whales!  I have wanted to see a humpback in the wild since I adopted a humpback whale in second grade.  Dreams do come true (and not just at Disney World). Yes, there are more whale pics to come!  I will dedicate a whole photo essay to humpback whales!

Little sparrow hanging out in Provincetown, MA.

Provincetown, MA

This is one of those pics that looks incredible when it’s bigger.  Currently, it’s my desktop monitor’s wallpaper.  I love how the gull is skipping over the water.

Plimoth Plantation

This is the Mayflower II, a reproduction of the original.

Pilgrim Fountain, Plymouth MA

This is another pic that looks amazing at its full size because you can actually see the moon!

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