Bible Review:: The Transformation Study Bible (NLT)

Writing a Bible review is a funny thing.  On one hand, I want to say, “Good job, God!  You did a smashing job on the New Testament!”  Being the best-selling book of all time, God knows His inspired Word is good stuff.  On the other hand, I have to consider how each Bible has been adapted through translation, notation, and explanation to aid in one’s study of the good book.  All these things come to mind as I introduce The Transformation Study Bible from David C. Cook Publishers.

The Transformation Study Bible’s general editor is renowned Bible teacher Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe, a former pastor at Chicago’s Moody Church.  A lifetime of study has gone into the commentaries, cross references, study notes, and concordance contained in this book.   Additionally, Wiersbe adds a touch of his “Be” series and “Catalyst” notes that encourage readers to apply Scripture to real-life situations.

Presented in the easy-to-read New Living Translation (NLT), The Transformation Study Bible is a good resource for Christians who want to dig deeper into their study and understanding of Scripture.  Before each book of the Bible is a in-depth overview explaining the history, setting, and intended audience.  The Scripture itself is jam-packed with verse-by-verse commentary, textual footnotes, and cross references as well as the aforementioned “Catalyst” notes.

This isn’t a Bible I would carry to church, but it definitely enhances personal study of the word—in community or individual settings.  While some of the footnotes may seem a little elementary to seasoned Christians, The Transformation Study Bible’s expansive commentary has something for everyone, including learned scholars.

*I received a copy The Transformation Study Bible from David C. Cook Publishers for review.  And I’m keeping it!*

0 thoughts on “Bible Review:: The Transformation Study Bible (NLT)

  1. Hi, I also got a copy of this for review and I was also impressed. Just a few things I looked up totally enlightened me on meaning of passages. Something I did notice that I thought was kind of awkward was the size of the Bible itself. I thought they should have made it a bit bigger in the width as it is an awkward size and I also thought the print was a bit too small. All in all, though, I will be using this Bible often in my personal study. Like you said, I doubt it will go to church with me as it is not really sturdy enough to withstand constant carrying around and regular church service usage.

  2. I have also enjoyed reviewing the “Transformation Study Bible” – it is simple and basic….and i love that element! I am wondering, however, if anyone has a sense of why this study-Bible doesn’t feature things like a harmony of the gospels and other study-helps found in other study Bibles. I also noticed that it doesn’t seem to have any diagrams (like the Tabernacle, prophetic stuff, etc)….just wondering… But again, this is one of the best study-Bibles i have ever seen because of its great simplicity in its presentation.

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