Music Review:: Vagabond – Spencer Day

Spencer Day is bringing class back to the music world one ballad at a time.  His seriously sexy vocals are nostalgic reminders of a time when ladies were ladies and gentlemen were gentlemen. But his music is an eclectic and refreshing mixture of everything from Cole Porter to Joni Mitchell to Paul Simon creating an epic feel with each song on his latest record, Vagabond (Concord Jazz).

Each song on Vagabond is distinct from the next providing listeners with a deeply satisfying musical experience.  Day’s lush vocals and tantalizing lyrics enhance the amazing orchestration.  Songs like “Till You Come to Me” and “Everybody Knows” speak of waiting for love while “Little Soldier” swells as it tells of a young man saying goodbye to his beloved as he heads off to war.  Truly a masterpiece, Vagabond, really deserves a detailed explanation by Day himself (that’s my shameless plea for an interview with the man).

Vagabond is an album that should be praised by fans of music—well-crafted music by a true musician, sung by a astounding vocalist, and written by a true lyricist.  Spencer Day is one to watch, so avoid the bandwagon, and hop on Vagabond now.

Amy’s Rating: 5 out of 5

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