True Confessions Friday:: Remembering 9/11 – I’m proud to be an American.

Eight years ago today, I was a senior just starting my Fall semester at college.  It had been a trying year with major surgery, a near-death experience, and a total of over two weeks in the hospital.  I was ready to put the terror behind me and move on with my life.  But—that day—September 11, 2001—showed me that we are all vulnerable, as individuals and as a nation.  I remember the days following 9/11.  People proudly displayed the American flag, instead of burning it. Red, white, and blue ribbons were worn by many to show our support for the men and women who lost their lives that day, for the rescuers who were still digging through the rubble, and to say, I am an American.

We, as a nation, have lost that spirit.  Will it take another terrorist attack to remind us how much we need each other?  Or to wrap ourselves in red, white, and blue again?  This is something that goes beyond what our government is doing, but a basic pride in our country and in our fellow man.  It’s not popular to say, “I love living in the United States.  I love being an American.”  But I say it and I am proud to say it.  Our country is great, despite her faults, and she is a beacon of hope to so many who are dying to enter her walls.  We determine her future by our actions and through our prayers.  By standing up for what is right and arguing against what is wrong, we are using our liberty and freedom gifted to us through the blood, sweat, and tears of so many patriots.

Today as I say a prayer for those still healing from the wounds inflicted eight years ago, for the families who never saw their loved ones come home, and for our nation, I will also thank God for the freedom He has given me to proclaim His name, to hold Bible studies for woman, and for allowing me to live in this great nation.  I will say it again—I am proud to be an American.

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