Captivated by God’s Ravens

Raven on top of Wachovia Bank
Raven on top of Wachovia Bank

I’m what most people would call an animal-lover.  While I eat meat and don’t show up at PETA protects, I take care of my two dogs, cockatiel, and fish giving them lots of love and attention.  Outside of my apartment, I take in the birds of the air and the beasts of the ground, but I am especially intrigued by the birds of the air.  Feathers, wings, soaring, singing–birds seem to have it all, don’t they?

Yet some birds, like crows and ravens, have a rather bad reputation just because they like to eat carrion from time to time (OK, a lot).  But did you know that the American Bald Eagle, a symbol of strength for our country–our national bird–is also a scavenging bird?  You can read all about my love fest for ravens in my old post, “Fed By Ravens“.  The post also offers a look into how Elijah was fed by ravens in the desert and mentions of ravens in the Bible.

That leads me to the story I want to share, which happened at dawn

In a tree in the parking lot
In a tree in the parking lot

on Friday (yes, while shopping).  As I lie in my bed trying to get a few hours of sleep before heading out to shop with all the other crazy shoppers, I thought about a lot of things that brought me to tears.  Somewhere in all that emotion, I asked God if He loved me, and I asked Him to show me something beautiful, just for me.

When I started my Black Friday routine, my mournful prayers were forgotten as I entered my shopping mode.  I was a woman on a mission to find great deals.  As I skipped out of Michael’s (craft store), I looked up into the pre-dawn sky and saw a raven (or crow) soaring above my head.  While I see the birds every day, I also feel a twinge of joy.  I followed the bird with my eyes and saw as it landed among 50+ of his brethern.

Yes, right there on the other side of the mall parking lot next to the bank was a flock of crows and ravens (they often combine)!  I grabbed my camera (so thankful that I remembered it) and with tears in my eyes explained to Sarah that I needed to capture this moment.  This moment was from God just for me.  Of course, she said.  While she waited in the heated car, I ran around in the morning cold snapping pictures of ravens and crows.  The sun was peeking over the horizon, tears were flowing down my cheeks, and wonder was in my eyes.  It was an overwhelming gift from God…and I knew He did it just for me.  Not that other people weren’t driving by at the time, but none of them looked remotely interested in the “pesky” birds.  Isn’t funny how one person’s glorious moment is something anothe person misses entirely?  I love how God uses the natural to incite our passion for Him.

I feel like I can’t adequately describe the experience, but through tears and adjectives that aren’t “big” enough.  If you’ve ever experienced this sort of thing, you know what I mean.  So I’m going to share a few of the pictures I took, and I would love if any of you shared your own stories!

Part of the flock is in trees, and part is on the ground
Part of the flock is in trees, and part is on the ground

0 thoughts on “Captivated by God’s Ravens

  1. ahh… crows are very very special to me, as well. my mother (rip) once told someone “my children and i are like crows” … a meaningful comment from a mother i barely knew but wanted to.

    so, yeah, i love crows as well, but for me it’s about the love of a mother (or the wish for that love).

    i’m glad god gave you that gift.


  2. Your experience reminds me of my encounter with the hummingbird. It was an unbelievable moment and I knew it was all for me as well! 🙂

  3. well, who knows if any of it will turn out. i’m really picky when i make things, so if they aren’t right, i will unravel them and start over. it may take me a while, but i have patterns, so i think i should be able to do them. i finished the first hat, but i made it too small.. so i am redoing it. but it is exciting to know that i can do it.

    i bet you could do it too. i have this book called the knitters bible – knitted accessories, and it explains how to read the patterns and such. it has been pretty helpful. that’s where all of those pictures came from.

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