Broken and Not So Broken

“God, I’m in the place again/I’m trying so hard not to fall/But everything keeps coming down with the rain.”–Everyday Sunday I’ve always appreciated melancholy songs.  There’s something about the toned down, raw nature of a rock band that grips my heart and makes me pay attention, like KISS’s “Beth” or Five Iron Frenzy’s “Every NewContinue reading “Broken and Not So Broken”

The BSW Raven Awards:: Where Everyone Wins!

Now that GMA Week is over and the Dove Awards have been handed out, I can finally announce the winners of the Backseat Writer 1st Annual Raven Awards.  Here’s the thing with the Raven Awards, if you’re nominated, you win!  Of course, our winners don’t get a cool looking-trophy (maybe next year). Heck, half ofContinue reading “The BSW Raven Awards:: Where Everyone Wins!”

Captivated by God’s Ravens

I’m what most people would call an animal-lover.  While I eat meat and don’t show up at PETA protects, I take care of my two dogs, cockatiel, and fish giving them lots of love and attention.  Outside of my apartment, I take in the birds of the air and the beasts of the ground, butContinue reading “Captivated by God’s Ravens”

“Done Living” and The Bucket List

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Justin McRoberts. He’s one of those artists I’ve heard of, but can’t say I’ve ever listened to his music. His latest album, Deconstruction, showed up in my mailbox due to the wonderful work of his publicist, and I can’t stop listening to the CD. One song in particular,Continue reading ““Done Living” and The Bucket List”

Fed by the Ravens

Apparently, Elijah was also one of the “buffest” prophets of the Old Testament.  As you can see here, he’s rocking some muscle. This morning I panicked, when I realized that I have women’s Bible study tonight and hadn’t completed the lesson. I sat down with my questions and opened by Bible to the appropriate passage–IContinue reading “Fed by the Ravens”