Kickstart My Beloved Heart?

I’ve been a very, very, very bad blogger.

See, I started blogging in 2001-ish when it wasn’t a *THING* yet (check the archives!) but now it’s something everyone and her mother is doing.  No, really, have you seen how many mom blogs are out there? (And, honestly, good for you, moms!  You definitely need each other!)

But here I am–17 or 18 years later–wondering what is there left to say that hasn’t been sad?  Or as King Solomon so wisely said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Is my time here at simply up?  Do I move on to and YouTube?

While this blog has gone through different servers, names, and purposes, it’s full of roughly 18 years of writing.  In a way, it’s my very public portfolio and there’s something about it that just can’t quit this silly blog.

But writers write to be read, so I’m wondering if you’re out there, what do you want to read?   Personal stories, gym stories, God stories, book or music or movie reviews, photo essays, love advice (ha!), or what…?

I’ve put it all out there and I just wonder if anyone’s listening or reading….which doesn’t mean at all that I should stop writing, but readers are nice, too.

If you’d be so lovely as to leave a comment on what you’d like to read, let me know.  This is going to look really sad if there are no comments.

One thought on “Kickstart My Beloved Heart?

  1. Personal stories (which may include gym stories) and God stories are my favorites! Please don’t say goodbye to the blog!

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