Book Review:: Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Tyger Tyger is the first book in Kersten Hamilton’s YA Goblin War series.  In the first book, readers are introduced to Teagen “Tea” Wylltson, a sixteen year-old surrounded by eccentric characters.  Then again, Teagen speaks in sign language to apes at a local zoo, so she’s pretty unique herself.

The weirdness continues when Tea’s best friend, Abby, starts to have dreams about Teagen getting attacked by goblins and otherworldly creatures.  Things get even stranger when Finn Mac Cumhaill, arrives on the scene,  not just as a mere love interest, but a goblin fighter as well, which comes in pretty handy when a goblin war is about to start.

Even though I approached Tyger Tyger with eager expectation, I just could not get into it.  Pulling from Irish folklore and Christian elements, Hamilton fuses together a plot that is sure to be a hit amongst tweens, which is the book’s intended audience–not 30-somethings like me.  And the word on the teen blogs is that this book is a must-read. So consider picking it up for the teen reader in your life.

*Thanks to Winsome Media Communications for my review copy of this book!*

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