Photography:: The Petrified Forest

petrified foreset

The Petrified Forest (in sepia tones) by Katie Tang

Katie Tang is a full time youth minister in Greensboro, NC who has a passion for her family, work and photography. She loves to take pictures of her daughter, nieces and nephews and particularly enjoys scenic photography. In her spare time (what little there is), she is learning to sew and enjoys creating scrapbooks for her little girl. She and her husband Derek were married in 2006.

0 thoughts on “Photography:: The Petrified Forest

  1. Beautiful & Scary. Would be a great scene for space travelers landing on an uncharted planet. The nice thing is that you can see in the distance, therefore eliminating the oh so common issue of space monsters jumping out from behind bushes.

    From a spiritual perspective, I am reminded of “hope”. Because just over that hill and to the left we will discover that God was with us all the time! (psalm 123)

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