CT’s Rebel Virgins

By Amy Sondova The online version of Christianity Today posted an interesting editorial about “the rebel virgins,” which are students on college campuses who are choosing to abstain from sex…but not for religious reasons. Apparently, these college groups have found that pre-martial sex can cause all sorts of problems includes the spread of disease, feelings of alienation and abandonment when the relationship ends, and even…wait for it…pregnancy!

Therefore, these students conclude that the rational and intellectual decision is to wait for the safe confines of marriage to exchange in intercourse. Harvard’s “virginity” group is called True Love Revolution (TRL) and Princeton’s is called the Anscombe Society (which is also pro-life and pro-family). Isn’t it just like Princeton to make an abstinence club name that we don’t understand? Both clubs succeed in making a very compelling argument for their stances, much better than the old Christian stand-by—“God said so.”

Arguing that Christians can fill the morality gap with our own values in helping others understand the not only the emotional and physical aspects of waiting, but the spiritual aspects as well. To read the article in full, go here.

It’s no secret that I’m saving myself for marriage (which at this rate could happen when I’m like 40), but what this piece doesn’t address is the different between abstinence and purity. Abstinence is abstaining…it’s NOT during something. However, purity is choosing something better—making the commitment to not settle for less than what God has intended for His children. See the difference? Not having sex versus choosing something better.

To me, it seems like these college kids with their virginity clubs are on to something—they have good reasons for choosing something better. Far better than a plain ol’ “God said so”. Instead of offering people a reason NOT to do something in the name of God, perhaps we Christians would be wiser in helping our friends choose something better.

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