Book Review:: Blood Covenant by Lisa Harris

In Blood Covenant, the second book of her Mission Hope series, award-winning author and missionary Lisa Harris once again takes readers into the Republic of Dhambizao, a fictional African country.  This time the story is centered on Dr. Paige Ryan, who joins forces with bush pilot Nick Gilbert, to set up a transitional refugee campContinue reading “Book Review:: Blood Covenant by Lisa Harris”

Book Review:: The Advent Conspiracy

I love to shop.  While I’m not a shopaholic, I still love a good deal.  I love to give gifts to others (especially those of the handmade variety).  Often, I pointed to James 1:17 and not that God is the Giver of all good things and like any Father adores bestowing presents upon His children.Continue reading “Book Review:: The Advent Conspiracy”

Review:: The Glo Digital Bible and The Mosaic Bible

I’ve written before that I love reviewing Bibles and I have two I’ve been using that are extremely useful and visually appealing.  While the Word of God is just as powerful in black and white text on thin white paper with red letters for Jesus’ words, it’s nice when publishers go a little further toContinue reading “Review:: The Glo Digital Bible and The Mosaic Bible”

Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like (SCL) is a fast-growing site that takes a satirical and honest view of Christian pop culture.  Started in March 2008, site founder Jon Acuff decided to put an evangelical twist on the wildly popular blog, Stuff White People Like.  Writing with wit and sensitivity, Acuff has engaged readers with over 500 (almostContinue reading “Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like”

Review:: The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher

By Amy Sondova If you think Christian fiction is only comprised of romance novels and rapture stories, then you haven’t read The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher (Zondervan) by Rob Stennett. Instead of a feel-good book about a hapless heathen who sees the light and changes his ways, Ryan Fisher is a satirical, humorousContinue reading “Review:: The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher”