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So something cool happened today…

19 Mar

I hate shameless self-promotion…I really do.

But this is an instant in which it is necssary–today I am a guest blogger at YPULSE.COM, perhaps one of the coolest, if not the coolest site for youth media/culture on the Internet.

I just sent in an idea and it was accepted, so if you’re interested in guest blogging, get in touch with Anastasia.

Anyway, read my guest post, “Hidden Identity: Why Girls Like Hannah Montana” and let me know what you think.

Oh, and for all you rabid Hannah Montana fans out there, I love ya, but I do not know Hannah or Miley and don’t have her phone number, so please stop asking! 🙂


There’s a Teenage Girl in There Somewhere

7 Feb

Tigerbeat Magazine

Due to overwhelming demands from Hannah Montana fans, Hannah Montana and the Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert movie has been extended another week. Now teary-eyed girls who couldn’t get tix have another chance, at least for this week. Columnist Stephen Beck finds the whole thing a bit suspicious writing, “By threatening to only play the movie a week, Disney played on one of the most basic human emotions – a parent’s desire to provide their kids with happiness. How many parents, consciously or not, said to themselves, ‘I already let my child down once by not getting them concert tickets, so I had better get those movie tickets this week before they sell out'” (full column).

Not only is Miley’s real name not Hannah Montana; it’s not even Miley! In fact, Miley’s birth name is “Destiny Hope Cyrus”. According to the Chicago Tribune, her daddy gave her the nickname because she was a rather “smiley” little girl. Now she’s not even Miley Cyrus anymore–Miley has recently changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus to honor her papa, Billy Ray Cyrus (story). No word yet on whether or not Miley plans to grow a commemorative mullet, too.

Miley’s name change, some believe, is a way for Miley to break away from her role as “Hannah Montana” and forge her own identity as a musician. Not only that, Forbes.com columnist Steve McGookin writes an eerily interesting forecast of what may lie in store for the “Hannah Montana” franchise (read “Miley’s Musical Millions”, thanks to YPulse for the original link to the column).

Only 15, Miley’s life seems as golden as Hannah’s and yet I wonder–when does Destiny Hope AKA Miley AKA Hannah Montana AKA Miley Ray get a chance to settle down and just be a kid? Underneath the big blond wig, under the make-up, and the sparkly clothes, away from the bright lights of a T.V. set or a concert hall, she’s a fifteen year-old girl, who probably stares critically at her face in the mirror (even though thousands of people will say that she is beautiful), wonders if she will ever get married, and hopes to get her driver’s license (even though she has “people” to drive her around). On-screen and off, I’m wondering if Miley Ray Cyrus really has the worst, not the best, of both worlds.

Remix Culture: The Early Years

13 Jan

I’m sure this video has been all over youth ministry, youth culture, and many other blogs that have the word “youth” in them. But, until it showed up on YPulse this week, I had no idea it existed. Put together by the fine folks at the Center for Social Media, Remix Culture showcases the uses of mash-ups, mix-ups, and other fun stuff that media savvy folks are doing. You can watch it below (naturally it ended up on YouTube), or check out the original here.

And according to Recut, Reframe, and Recycle a study done by the Center for Social Media, this type of video production may be legal under the “fair use” doctrine (read study here). Here’s a quote from an excerpt on the report,” So when makers mash up several works—say, The Ten Commandments , Ben-Hur and 10 Things I Hate about You , making Ten Things I Hate about Commandments —they aren’t necessarily stealing. They are quoting in order to make a new commentary on popular culture, and creating a new piece of popular culture.” You can even download a PDF of the full report, see the videos that were studied, and gain more insight on media law than you ever wanted. I think the Center for Social Media is my new favorite website (after my blogs and Youth Ministry Exchange, of course!)

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