Weird Wednesday:: VH-1 Actually Broadcasts Music Videos!

Every morning I pour myself a bowl of cereal and camp out in front of my laptop to read celebrity gossip, um, I mean, catch up on the overnight news. But today I went for a fasting blood test and decided to scarf down a Sausage McMuffin in front of my television.  In-between the scaryContinue reading “Weird Wednesday:: VH-1 Actually Broadcasts Music Videos!”

True Confessions Friday: I cry watching Hallmark commercials and I’m proud of it.

Does anyone actually watch those Hallmark Hall of Fame movies for the movies themselves?  I mean, they’re worse than Lifetime movies, which is saying something if you’ve seen the Lifetime’s latest offering—the Nora Roberts collection (lame movie after lame movie).  Although I can get a giddy laugh out of the utter cheesiness and predictability ofContinue reading “True Confessions Friday: I cry watching Hallmark commercials and I’m proud of it.”

Tuned Out:: The Sling Shot Man

Sling shots.  I never had one, but I tried to make one once with a stick and a rubber band.  I broke the stick.  But the guy in this weekend’s video has crafted over 4000 sling shots.  Not only that, but he can hunt rabbit, cut weeds, and kill Japanese beetles with a sling shot.  Continue reading “Tuned Out:: The Sling Shot Man”

Tuned Out:: Charlie Bit My Finger!

It’s the weekend.  It’s time for fun, frivolity, and catching up on all my posts you missed this week while you were busy dealing with the “real world.”  Instead, I’m going to post a fun video every weekend for you.  I’m calling it “Tuned Out” (even though I know you’re really tuned in). My friendContinue reading “Tuned Out:: Charlie Bit My Finger!”

Guest Post:: Lights, Camera, Action!

By Derek Tang, Guest Blogger Look closely. Do you see a very disturbing common thread among all these statements? “One [student] recorded [the fight] on a cell phone. The video was posted on the Internet and turned it over to police…”, “Madison County school officials are investigating who posted a beating online…”, “[a] YouTube videoContinue reading “Guest Post:: Lights, Camera, Action!”

Does Marines Abuse of Puppy Indicate More?

I grew up around a lot of animals–turtles, hamsters, dogs, snakes, elephants, lions, and walruses to name a few (OK, I made up the elephants, lions, and walruses). Whether a squirrel in the park or the cat in our house (that won’t stay off the counter), animals are a part of our everyday lives. ManyContinue reading “Does Marines Abuse of Puppy Indicate More?”

Miley Cyrus Rescues Dog & Goes Viral on YouTube

E!Online photo and my dog, Cassie on the right Billy Ray and Miley Ray Cyrus found a lost dog near their home, and like the good folks they are, they stay with the small canine until help arrived. Isn’t that a precious photo op…I mean, story? The dog resembles my peekapoo, Cassie, who was justContinue reading “Miley Cyrus Rescues Dog & Goes Viral on YouTube”

Remix Culture: The Early Years

I’m sure this video has been all over youth ministry, youth culture, and many other blogs that have the word “youth” in them. But, until it showed up on YPulse this week, I had no idea it existed. Put together by the fine folks at the Center for Social Media, Remix Culture showcases the usesContinue reading “Remix Culture: The Early Years”

Hannah Montana’s Onstage Doppleganger

It’s Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana…or is it? Hannah Montana really does have the best of both worlds–including a body double. After a video was posted on YouTube showing “Hannah” being ushered off-stage during a song, her P.R. team started talking (article here). The body double only appears briefly during the song “We Got theContinue reading “Hannah Montana’s Onstage Doppleganger”