Pokemon Go Into the World

Last night there were a lot of youth and young adults at my church.  The problem is that they weren’t inside the doors, but rather in the parking lot.  You see, our church is a Pokemon Go Gym and there was an epic battle being fought between the red and blue teams for control ofContinue reading “Pokemon Go Into the World”

The Wisdom of Youth

On Facebook, I recently posted some off the cuff remarks on what I, as a youth leader, have the privilege to learn from the student with whom I work.  See, the thing is that I often think I will impart the wisdom of the ages on these young minds.  I will amaze them with allContinue reading “The Wisdom of Youth”

She’s leaving home [for college]

Each year a new round of freshmen disembark on the next big journey of their lives—college.  I have seen teenagers enter the hallowed halls of higher education, very much children, and exit very much young women and men.  As a former church youth worker, each year sixth and ninth graders entered the middle and highContinue reading “She’s leaving home [for college]”

This Beautiful Republic: Youth Ministry’s New Venue

By Amy Sondova Imagine five guys in their 20’s, a bit punchy from being in a van too long, standing at a scenic overlook at the Grand Canyon. In the past few days, they’ve traveled from Ohio to Arizona and now were headed back east again. A fledging rock band, This Beautiful Republic’s lead singerContinue reading “This Beautiful Republic: Youth Ministry’s New Venue”

Covert Christianity

Written in 2006 By Amy Sondova Today the Christian book man came into my mom’s store to replenish their inspirational literature stand. He and I have a little ritual that takes place each month. He looks at me oddly when I request some of my favorite authors like C.S. Lewis and Philip Yancey. They’ve doneContinue reading “Covert Christianity”

Leeland: Raising Up a Worship Generation

By Amy Sondova w/ Melissa Brown A best-selling album, a GRAMMY nod and several Dove Award nominations, a new marriage, and the Feb. 26 release of sophomore album, Opposite Way—that’s a lifetime of accomplishments for 19 year-old Leeland Mooring, frontman of the band, Leeland. The band’s first album, Sound of Melodies, was heralded by audiencesContinue reading “Leeland: Raising Up a Worship Generation”

When Cutting Comes to Church

By Amy Sondova, M.A. When Cutting Comes to Church: A Guide for Youth Workers is a manual for youth workers who are working with students who self injure. Because cutting still remains largely a female problem, this manual addresses it as such. To get receive a PDF copy of this manual, When Cutting Comes Home:Continue reading “When Cutting Comes to Church”

The Art of Storytelling

After posting “A Thread of Reality” last night, I felt empowered.  In chatting with a friend about the post, he commented that with transparency comes vulnerability.  And with vulnerability, I thought, comes the chance to be hurt…badly. As I lie awake in my bed, I pondered why I want to tell my story.  What makesContinue reading “The Art of Storytelling”

If Hannah Montana was in my youth group…

Just think of all the possibilities for your youth group if pop singer Hannah Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus was in your youth group… 1. The youth worship band would be rockin’ with Miley and/or Hannah as the lead singer. The drawback: All the ‘tween girls would try to sneak into youth group. 2. You couldContinue reading “If Hannah Montana was in my youth group…”