A Memorial Day Tribute to My Grandfather

My grandfather never served in the military, yet for some reason an American flag has been place besides his gravestone honoring him at a World War II veteran.  At first, I wondered if it should be taken away, but who do you notify about something like that?  Plus, I just couldn’t make a call likeContinue reading “A Memorial Day Tribute to My Grandfather”

Book Review:: A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin

As the veterans of World War II begin to pass on, it is comforting to know that writers like Sarah Sundin will immortalize tales of the time period with works like her latest book, A Memory Between Us.  The second book in her Wings of Glory series, A Memory Between Us is about a romanceContinue reading “Book Review:: A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin”

Book Review:: A Fierce Radiance by Lauren Belfer

By Donna Savaki MRSA reared its ugly presence in the arm of a younger woman of my acquaintance. What makes this particular staph infection so terrifying is its resistance to common antibiotics which permits this disease to wreck destruction and even death in the life of a loved one. Unstoppable infections are new to theseContinue reading “Book Review:: A Fierce Radiance by Lauren Belfer”