Love in the Time of Vomit

Yesterday I had the chance to spend some time with my long-time friend, Beth.  We reconnected after a God-given encounter at my church.  It was reunion that has led to deeper ministry opportunities for both of us, which is why I cannot call this a “chance encounter.”  It was truly a God-appointed meeting. I walkedContinue reading “Love in the Time of Vomit”

Book Review:: Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs + Giveaway!

Having led Bad Girls of the Bible studies for years, it was fun to actually dig into one of original “former bad girl’s” historical fiction novels, Here Burns My Candle, part of Higgs popular Scotland series.  Having already retold the stories of the matriarchs of Genesis (Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel/Leah), Higgs now turns her eyesContinue reading “Book Review:: Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs + Giveaway!”

Book Review:: The Friends We Keep by Sarah Zacharias Davis

Sarah Zacharias Davis’ new book The Friends We Keep: A Woman’s Quest For the Soul of Friendship (Waterbrook) is your local bookstore’s best kept secret.  If you’re a woman and you have friends, then you need to read this book.  Or if you’re a woman who wants to be a good friend, you need toContinue reading “Book Review:: The Friends We Keep by Sarah Zacharias Davis”

Palin’s Only the VP Pick, Right?

Is Gov. Sarah Palin running for President or running alongside John McCain as his VP pick?  It’s hard for me to tell anymore since the media has been slamming the governor left and right (but the attacks mostly come from the left).  Why hasn’t Joe Biden been under such scrutiny?  He’ll only be a heartbeatContinue reading “Palin’s Only the VP Pick, Right?”

Bridezillas = Wifezillas

I felt like vegging out in front of the TV to watch something mindless (but not too mindless. I drew the line at “High School Musical: Get in the Picture,” a lame new “reality” show on ABC). I settled on “Bridezilla”, a “reality” show on WE (Women’s Entertainment) about brides who go postal getting readyContinue reading “Bridezillas = Wifezillas”

Big can be beautiful? Really?

Until I saw this news article, I had no idea that Mia Tyler existed. Captivated by the title of a plus-sized model who wanted to commit suicide, I decided to give the article a looksy. Apparently Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler has another little girl besides actress Liv Tyler (who is one of my favorite actresses) andContinue reading “Big can be beautiful? Really?”

What Men Want

Remember that movie What Women Want, where Mel Gibson is given the “gift” of hearing women’s thoughts? Men always say that women are so hard to figure out, but guess what? Guys aren’t any easier to decipher. Fortunately, AOL Personals comes to the rescue once again with more sage-like wisdom on dating, love and marriage.Continue reading “What Men Want”

Does this swimsuit make me look fat?

I’ve probably never looked this good in a suit, but you get the idea…. I love swimming, especially the first moment when I get into the water. It feels cool (sometimes cold) and refreshing. There’s an instant where I wonder–should I do it now? The colder the water, the longer it takes. But eventually, aContinue reading “Does this swimsuit make me look fat?”

Review :: Guys Like Girls Named Jennie by Kerri Pomarolli

By Amy Sondova Finally, a book for the single woman about dating—written by a woman who actually goes on dates. Kerri Pomarolli’s Guys Like Girls Named Jennie (Zondervan) is a fresh approach to tired old singles books. Instead of bogging readers down with dating tips, Kerri takes us through her dating history—detail by excruciating detail.Continue reading “Review :: Guys Like Girls Named Jennie by Kerri Pomarolli”

How Guys Think

Maybe men really are from Mars… I was telling my friend, Jen, about how ridiculous I am when it comes to relationships with guys. My feelings always get hurt because I misinterpret the actions of the men in my life. Being an only child and a survivor of childhood abuse, I’ve been pretty clueless forContinue reading “How Guys Think”