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Photo Essay:: The Tree

29 Apr

I was out with my Big Girl’s camera (that’s the Canon DSLR) looking for images of springtime (or birds of prey).  In my travels I came upon this breathtaking tree–I have no idea what it is–but it looks like a weeping willow with white flowers.  I’ve read that weeping willows have yellow buds.  Anyway, I saw this tree from the road and had to get a closer look::

I began snapping pictures of branches, flowers, roots, bark furiously.  I stood underneath what can only be described as the umbrella canopy of the tree and looked up.  The sun shone through a net of lacy flowers as branches provided a dark and intricate web of design.  I felt as though I was in a sanctuary–one that rivals Notre Dame–and I praised God for His creation.  And I took a ton of pictures.

Note:: Faith from Japan has identified this tree as a weeping sakura, which is a Japanese cherry tree.  Benny also identified the “weeping cherry” tree.  Thanks!

I am continually amazed by how many pictures I can take of a single object from various angles and using different manual camera settings.  A tree itself has intricate details, all of which need to be observed, appreciated, savored.  I love that I can use a lens to capture a bit of that magic to share with others.  The following are all pictures of the yet-to-be-identified tree from various focal points.


Mayfair Fun

25 May

Every year in one of the beautiful Allentown parks for as long as I can remember, there’s an outdoor festival called Mayfair with overpriced fair food (so good!), artisans, music, and kids’ events.  Today Sarah was playing at Mayfair with her Christian big band, Grace Notes, so my friend and I tagged along to take part in the festivities.  When we checked out Sarah’s set, there was some guy on stage talking about the Vietcong and God’s grace.  It was really weird.  We walked around, ate, and I realized that my sandals are way too narrow for my feet, and after three hours my feet went numb.  Actually, it was a blessing because they were hurting like heck before that.  Without further ado, I present you pictures from Mayfair 2008…

It was a beautiful day to stand under a magnificent willow tree!

And to contemplate why on earth Allentown has weird sculptures like this all over the city.  They probably cost a bunch, too.

We also checked out the local wildlife.  Here’s a snake my friend, Shari, spotted in the water just off the shore.

Of course, there were costumed characters.  This is a Coast Guard inflatable costume, with a guy or gal walking around inside.  Seriously, this is the freakiest costume character I have ever encountered.  Watching the cute photographer take his picture helped me to be brave enough to take a picture, too.

There was also this weird colonial mouse.

And this ghetto pink panther!  I don’t know why that girl jumped in the photo…but her outfit matches his pinkness.

Being Pennsylvania Dutch (German), we always have plenty of strudel on-hand (as well as beer, but I’m not interested in *that*!)

Funnel Cake…yum!  Who knew there were paper plates just for funnel cake?

There was a world dancer troupe.  I got some video, but YOUTUBE is being finicky AS USUAL.  Grr…  When she was done performing, she started talking about drum circles and the spiritual energy that they produce.  Strange. 

Another world dancer…

Welcome to Hoop Village, where little children are forced to hula their hoops all day long.

This is what happens when you spent too much time at Hoop Village.  Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on with this mannequin.  She looks like a hooker with no arms.

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