Amy’s Christmas Playlist

Every year I make an iTunes playlist of my favorite Christmas songs–some have been on the album every year since its inception, while others are happy new editions.  There are several versions of my playlist before choosing the 20 or so songs that will fit on a CD for the enjoyment of my friends andContinue reading “Amy’s Christmas Playlist”

I am LOVED by Plumb!!!

Look! Look!  I’m loved by Plumb!  And not just “loved” but “hearted”! Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the exciting things happening in the Christian music world–the undeading of my beloved Five Iron Frenzy, Jason Gray’s “Remind Me Who I Am” hitting #1 on iTunes (don’t forget to enter the giveway!), discoveringContinue reading “I am LOVED by Plumb!!!”

Friday Faves: Snow Globe Living Edition

I’ve been going back and forth on bringing back Friday Faves.  Am I ready?  What if I do it this Friday and not next Friday?  I mean, do I even have any readers left besides my mother?  Then I thought, if you write it, they will come. So I fooled around on Facebook for aContinue reading “Friday Faves: Snow Globe Living Edition”

Music Review:: Over the Hills And Everywhere: A Christmas EP by Seabird

It’s no secret that Seabird is one of my favorite bands, so it should come as no surprise then that I adore their Christmas EP, Over the Hills And Everywhere.  The piano-driven rock outfit from Cincinnati proves it can still compete in a market over saturated with Christmas music. Staying away from syrupy vocals andContinue reading “Music Review:: Over the Hills And Everywhere: A Christmas EP by Seabird”

Review:: Downe in Yon Forrest – Kemper Crabb

By David Garrison If you are looking for a Christmas album that breaks from the norm of contemporary Christmas music, then journey back to the Middle Ages with Kemper Crabb’s latest project, Downe in Yon Forrest.  The album draws from the rich history of Christian worship and Christmas carols, many from the 1500’s .  KemperContinue reading “Review:: Downe in Yon Forrest – Kemper Crabb”