Open your ears to Wes Pickering’s Hope with music video!

Earlier this month indie singer/songwriter Wes Pickering released his fifth studio album simply titled Hope.  Spending much of 2011 working on the songs for his album, Hope is the best yet from this artist!  You can learn more about Wes, find out about tour information (he’s currently on a Christmas tour with Josh Wilson), andContinue reading “Open your ears to Wes Pickering’s Hope with music video!”

To make my joy complete

For a couple of weeks now, I yearned to write a blog post, yet I was afraid that it wouldn’t be as elegant as I envisioned, that my writing was somehow lacking in my sabbatical.  Oh, the messy scribbles in my journal were good enough for God and still I wanted to present something “better,”Continue reading “To make my joy complete”

Christmas Un-Wrapped with Wes Pickering

Singer/songwriter Wes Pickering’s easy vocals make for a delightful listen, especially with his latest project In Work and Worship.  Compassion is a way of life for Wes, who adopted his dog Esther from a Nashville-area dog shelter and works with Songs of Love to craft original melodies for sick children. So, of course, Backseat WriterContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Wes Pickering”