Review:: In Christ Alone: Modern Hymns of Worship

Featuring Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real and singer/songwriter Bethany Dillon 3.11.08 Release By Amy Sondova What began as a discussion over coffee between three musicians has turned into In Christ Alone: Modern Hymns of Worship (Sparrow), a twelve-song collection featuring the vocals of Sanctus Real’s front man Matt Hammit and singer/songwriter Bethany Dillon. The classicContinue reading “Review:: In Christ Alone: Modern Hymns of Worship”

Review: We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real

  Album Released 2.18.08 By Amy Sondova Sanctus Real’s fourth album, We Need Each Other, is a voice crying in the wilderness of a society full of disconnectedness and despair. Focusing on the themes of community, unity, family, and wholeness, the songs on the album don’t seek to mend fences. Rather, Sanctus Real is rippingContinue reading “Review: We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real”