Take 5 with MIKESCHAIR

If there was ever a band that met by God’s providence, it would be MIKESCHAIR.  To be fair, Mike Grayson (lead vocals, guitar), Sam Tinnesz (lead guitar, vocals), Jesse Hale (violin, keyboards, utility, vocals), and Jon Haire (bass) were all living in the same dorm at Belmont University.  While others in the highly music studentContinue reading “Take 5 with MIKESCHAIR”

Review:: This Glorious Christmas – Annie Moses Band

By Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald I admit that I am not the most trendy music connoisseur. I love elevator muzak and can go weeks before updating the tunes on my iPod. And when it comes to holiday tunes, I never needed to replace Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett or Vince Guaraldi. Until now. The Annie Moses BandContinue reading “Review:: This Glorious Christmas – Annie Moses Band”

The Fiddle Man

I borrowed the above image from David’s website because David said I couldn’t use the pics I took of him because he claims he had pizza all over his face, which he didn’t. I figured he wouldn’t mind because I wrote this highly flattering post about him. Today I had the pleasure of hanging outContinue reading “The Fiddle Man”