UnWrapping Christmas with musician Josh Wilson

Musician extraordinaire Josh Wilson is a faithful friend.  Despite the fact he’s already participated in UnWrapping Christmas twice, he’s willing to go another round with Backseat Writer.  Fortunately, being the creative genius that he is, Josh provides fresh and insightful answers each and every year. Exciting things are on horizon as Josh’s new album isContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician Josh Wilson”

UnWrapping Christmas with Amy

Every year I ask musicians, authors, and other notable people to answer questions about their respective Christmases.  So I thought this year, I would get things started by answering my own questions so you, the loyal readers of Backseat Writer, can get to know me better (and I just like answering questions.) Did you scoreContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with Amy”

UnWrapping Christmas Returns!

It’s the last day of November and that means Christmas is a’coming…and Backseat Writer is your source for holiday merriment.  Not only will there be plenty of Christmas music and book reviews, but the return of UnWrapping Christmas with our favorite artists like Josh Wilson, JJ Heller, Dutton, and more!  So between shopping, gift wrapping,Continue reading “UnWrapping Christmas Returns!”

Christmas Un-Wrapped:: What’s the best gift you’ve given?

An undeniable part of the Christmas tradition involves gift giving and receiving, so we asked our Un-Rappers what was one of the best presents they gave someone else to, uh, unwrap. WHAT IS ONE OF THE BEST PRESENTS YOU’VE GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE? Wow.  What makes a present good?  I’d like to think thoughtfulness, notContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped:: What’s the best gift you’ve given?”

Wrap-Up on 12 Days of Christmas Music

To wrap up “12 Days of Christmas Music,” we decided to ask the artists to share a little insight on their Christmas projects.  And keep checking back with Backseat Writer as we continue to UnWrap Christmas.  Our special holiday coverage continues through Jan. 2. BARLOWGIRL ON HOME FOR CHRISTMAS:: Why did you decide to releaseContinue reading “Wrap-Up on 12 Days of Christmas Music”