God will redeem this

Sometimes life just hurts.  Today is like that. I waited for almost 40 days to bring home my new shih tzu puppy.  I was ecstatic, proudly showing her photos to anyone who seemed remotely interested.  I brought her home last Wednesday, and today she is going to a new home with a middle school girlContinue reading “God will redeem this”

Supposed To Be

Life happens.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been saying it all week, “I’m sorry I can’t blog.  Life happened.”  And it happens.  And it continues to happen. I wish I was one of those writers that could work ahead to schedule posts.  But there’s always this cycle of playing catch-up, fallingContinue reading “Supposed To Be”

I Trust You, Jesus

A lot of times I review a book, throw it on my shelf, and move on to the next book. Not so with Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, which I reviewed last year (read review).  Written as though God is directly talking to the reader (to me), Jesus Calling is a 365 day devotional thatContinue reading “I Trust You, Jesus”

Anxiety Does Not Equal Lack of Trust

Recently I was asked, “How can you call yourself a Christian…how can you say you trust God if you have so much anxiety?”  Tears swelled up in my eyes as the truth of the question hit me full force.  It’s the same thing I’ve asked myself over and over and over again.  Why, God, doContinue reading “Anxiety Does Not Equal Lack of Trust”