Big 3-0 Birthday Bash Stash GIVEAWAY!!! (Closed)

Congrats to winners Laura and Terry.  You should receive an e-mail shortly! Well, gang, March 23 marks 30 years of life for me.  To celebrate such a momentous event, I’ve decided to do the biggest giveaway ever in the history of Backseat Writer…and you can win it all (or slightly less than it all). OneContinue reading “Big 3-0 Birthday Bash Stash GIVEAWAY!!! (Closed)”

Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne is definitely crush material.  So don’t be surprised when the teen girls in your life gush about this personable actor after seeing To Save A Life, which releases in theaters nationwide on Jan. 22.  Randy plays Jake Taylor, a popular basketball player with a cheerleader girlfriend, you know, the typical kid that allContinue reading “Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne”

To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty

On Thursday evening, I attended a pre-screening of TO SAVE A LIFE, a film that delves into the lives of teenagers in crisis (suicide, pregnancy, divorce, cutting, bullying).  For now, all I will say about the film (which releases in January 2010) is:: it’s pretty good, has the potential to get teens (and adults) talkingContinue reading “To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty”