Review:: Concept Album Comeback with The Decemberists and Falling Up

I like the idea of concept albums—tell a story, try something new, develop a “concept.”  However, I have a difficult time “getting” them.  Despite my ability to understand Shakespeare and Bob Dylan, I’m finding I need artists to lay it out for me when it comes to concept albums.  Of course, it doesn’t help thatContinue reading “Review:: Concept Album Comeback with The Decemberists and Falling Up”

Welcome back to the new Backseat Writer!

For those of you who’ve been following the first year of Backseat Writer, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been a long couple of months.  And in case you missed it, I’ve changed the format to a one-woman show with the occassional guest poster (read “Two Shall Become One” to catch up).  Oh, we’re going toContinue reading “Welcome back to the new Backseat Writer!”