UnWrapping Christmas with musician David Frush

A six-year veteran of the music industry, Texan David Frush is not only working on his fourth studio album, but he’s also spreading humorous Christmas cheer with Backseat Writer.  Worship leader and teacher, David founded 4:19 Ministries, which “encourages students to encounter an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ“.   Incidentally, his latest album, This is MyContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician David Frush”

Guest Writer Josh Rosenthal:: The Mind of an Artist

Due to my full schedule, I have asked some of my favorite people to guest post here on Backseat Writer.  Fascinated with the Villages Suite and the book singer/songwriter Josh Rosenthal is working on, I asked Josh if he would share a bit more about his project.  In the following post, he takes readers intoContinue reading “Guest Writer Josh Rosenthal:: The Mind of an Artist”

Take 5 with Abandon

I’ve never heard a band discovery story like Abandon’s so when I interviewed lead singer Josh Engler for The Christian Manifesto (Listen to “Profess Interview with Abandon”), I asked him to retell the story.  Sure enough, it was true.  EMI CMG Director of A&R Chris York heard Abandon rockin’ out while dining at a restaurantContinue reading “Take 5 with Abandon”

American Idol: “We’re Brothers Forever”

OK, I have no idea what’s up with this guy, but he’s the greatest thing on “American Idol” since Sherman Pore. Is he mentally ill or just strange? No clue. But he seemed to have a good time and wasn’t scarred by the experience. He’s 44 and from Reno, NV so clearly he wouldn’t beContinue reading “American Idol: “We’re Brothers Forever””

Alien Encounters of the Texas Kind

Perhaps we are not alone. Just the other day I was talking with my friend about whether or not there was life on other planets. We theorized that there was probably single-celled lifeforms somewhere out there in the vast galaxy, but who knows what else? I said that if there were any human-like entities onContinue reading “Alien Encounters of the Texas Kind”