Umm…there was a prison break in Afghanistan, right?

If you Google “Afghanistan prison break”, this is one of the images on the first page–a still from Fox’s show “Prison Break”…ironic, isn’t it? If I hadn’t spent 20 minutes watching Fox News on Friday afternoon just before news of Tim Russert’s death broke, I wouldn’t have heard about it.  For some reason, media outletsContinue reading “Umm…there was a prison break in Afghanistan, right?”

Pirates of the Modern Day

Who doesn’t love Jack Sparrow, the fictional pirate who swaggers around asking for rum, makes indecent remarks to the women in his life, and uses a broken compass to guide his ship? Costume shops sell Sparrow wigs and hats, and his likeness has been added to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Plus, Jack SparrowContinue reading “Pirates of the Modern Day”

Led Like Lambs to Slaughter Others

The flowers in the picture to the left are indigenous to Iraq. They’re called Fox’s Grape and begin to bloom in February. I post them here in memory of the two women who died in the suicide bombings, as well as for the others who lost their lives. Digital media puts “hot news” at myContinue reading “Led Like Lambs to Slaughter Others”

Benazir Bhutto: The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most

John Moore/Getty Images If you receive the Sunday paper, chances are that you also receive a complimentary copy of Parade Magazine, which is a mini-entertainment magazine. A beautiful picture of Benazir Bhutto graced the cover of the publication this week as a teaser for an article written by Gail Sheehy. The text next to Bhutto’sContinue reading “Benazir Bhutto: The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most”

Does Al Qaeda blog?

That’s the question on my mind after I read this article about Al Qaeda’s considerable web presence.  The terrorist group now has anywhere from 5,600 to 17,000 websites with as many as 9,000 new ones popping up each year.  It’s hard to track the web activity of the group, because like their leader Osama binContinue reading “Does Al Qaeda blog?”