Love on the Run

Note: This was originally written on April 15 (Tax Day!) and I forgot to hit “publish.” I still think the story of Gul and Abdul is worth telling. With all the excitement with the arrival of the First Dog, the brazen defiance of the Somali pirates, and the ongoing financial crisis, it’s easy to missContinue reading “Love on the Run”

Umm…there was a prison break in Afghanistan, right?

If you Google “Afghanistan prison break”, this is one of the images on the first page–a still from Fox’s show “Prison Break”…ironic, isn’t it? If I hadn’t spent 20 minutes watching Fox News on Friday afternoon just before news of Tim Russert’s death broke, I wouldn’t have heard about it.  For some reason, media outletsContinue reading “Umm…there was a prison break in Afghanistan, right?”