The Seaside Park Beach Patrol Is Looking Out For You

Everyone can stop wondering if I was eaten by a bear or drowned in the ocean, I am alive and kicking, thought a little more tired and sunburned than before. Here are some of my initial trip observations: 1. My God, how can we not see the beauty You have created all around us? AndContinue reading “The Seaside Park Beach Patrol Is Looking Out For You”

Splash of Life

I’m back from my self-imposed exile.  I did Twitter from my cell phone a couple times and I posted a review of The Dark Knight on Backseat Writer (read it here).  All in all, I think I did pretty well disconnecting from “work,” relaxing, and chilling out with my Creator.  I feel refreshed and renewed,Continue reading “Splash of Life”

Can I Play, Too?

Whenever I went to a gathering–a picnic, church event, whatever–I always had the same question for my parents, “Will there be other kids there?” Otherwise, for me, what was the point in going somewhere to watch a bunch of adults talking about boring stuff (and if we went to a private home and the peopleContinue reading “Can I Play, Too?”

PSA: Beware the Waxy Ear Plugs

This is the actual brand that was lodged in my ear. You can use ’em to block out stuff; just don’t expect to actually be able to remove them from your ears. I feel that it’s my duty to inform you the inquisitive public about a very serious health concern and that is–waxy ear plugs.Continue reading “PSA: Beware the Waxy Ear Plugs”

Does this swimsuit make me look fat?

I’ve probably never looked this good in a suit, but you get the idea…. I love swimming, especially the first moment when I get into the water. It feels cool (sometimes cold) and refreshing. There’s an instant where I wonder–should I do it now? The colder the water, the longer it takes. But eventually, aContinue reading “Does this swimsuit make me look fat?”